WATSKY album lyrics



I Can’t hear you (I got my headphones on)

I Can’t hear you (I got my headphones on)

I Can’t hear you (I got my headphones on)

I got headphones on (I got my headphones on)

When I look at who’s around

And it feels like two’s a crowd

I don’t run and hide

I just smile real wide

And I turn my music loud


It’s not practical to react to bull

I was thinking too hard and I cracked my skull

It’s natural, erase all doubt

If I take my phones off, then my brains fall out

So you can shout. Empty out your throat on me

It just looks like you’re lip synching Obla Di

Obla da, every time you go, “blah blah

Blah” I’m hearing “life goes on” like it’s your mantra

So talk shit, but when it’s prone to go down

You’re afraid of your own bull like rodeo clowns

I stay low to the ground, I stay plugged in

And when my dome needs love, phones hug my skin

But Earbuds don’t count, they’re headphone loopholes

I want ‘em bigger than a couple sideways soup bowls

And if you’re saying next to nothing

Make like my playlist and get to shufflin’


Amplified ft. Rafael Casal

Chorus (Rafael Casal)

I get up, when you get down to this

Keep cool, but still get loud to this

When it drops just can’t deny

The mic’s turned off but I’m amplified

So if you want to ride

This young son will come out tonight

And this one tongue will give out the vibe

With this mic off I’m still amplified (amplified)

Verse 1

We don’t just write poems, we got a mic jones (mike jones!)

giving a fuck, ripping it up in different time zones

I know it’s so apropos that it’s gotta be said

I was Flowing so hard in the car off the top of my head when I drove home

That my own flows gave me road dome

So go bone man Fuck it if you’re celibate

Fuck the music if you do it cause you’re selling it

well equipped, man We do it for the hell of it, never delicate hella ripped off the elements

earth wind fire water top rock echo box

Yo man we got Cosby doing jello shots

I’ve been tellin em the melanin’s irrelevant I’m yellin and you’ll feel it from the ceiling to the sediment

intelligent epic and reppin the Bay

you’re tripping if youre thinking that you’re getting away



Verse 2

The sun is coming up and running through me

weather is getting better, don’t be. gloomy

Let’s get together, gather up and get it moving and If you don’t like my motherfuckin music

Sue me

(&1& &1&) A new me. A new rea,son to be. so unseasonably fine

The ill summer grill serving supper with free sides

cut to the B Side

It’s rafa covered in batter and butter and refried

The speakers are pushing the roof

the tweeters the woofers are proof

The meters are up in the booth

the subs, the mids, the highs the highers the lows the cones all bump

duh we’re amped, that’s the god damn truth

we flowing low in this moment only to sew and be growing over the roses and now that we broke it open we know that we’re dope enough we’re hoping no one just can’t get live

This is how we get amplified


Verse 3 (Rafael Casal)

Yeah I got something to speak on

On the kind of song once heard you just keep on

We out in Cali here keeping the trees blown

So lean on me, need more gain than Freeman

Turn me up a little I’ma get a reaction

Yeah the game’s filled up with a little distraction

But I’m passionate, yes, somewhat of a Manson

Here to murder words, maybe hold the rest of em ransom

Wondering what I’m gonna do to blow all them lids back

I tell em to get back, that’s how we leave an impact

In track-form, if you don’t feel me then give me my disc back

And be ready to get you a diss track

Shit man I’m playing but somewhat of a monster

When I get down to laying these songs

So we’ll be there at a concert

Playing as loud as the Bay will allow

Watsky, good thing you’re around to lead the crowd

Fuck An Emcee Name


First of all, there’s already a popular reggae artist named Elephant Man

Second, as my mother always said, there’s nothing cooler than being yourself.

And third, and most importantly

(clears throat)

Chorus (2X)

F-F-F-F-Fuck an MC Name

I don’t need no god damn MC Name

I got nothing to hide, you got something to say

(George Watsky doesn’t need a fucking MC Name)

Verse 1

If I go spit a poem

If I go kick a flow

Doesn’t really matter man cause the jam is a Watsky

When I get a mic and I go rip a rhythm ain’t a name in the whole damn gonna stop me

Probably gonna rip it too

Cause the city wants a hippy with a bit to prove

I got shit to do

I got the sickest crew

And so what the fuck is it to you, dude

If I got no stage name

I got stage game out the ass

And a masterplan

It’s an avalanche

When I spit a little bit of slam

And I hit you with the battleram

Got a cattle brand “GW bar none” so what do you park man?

Got money and cars? damn, I study the stars

and I couldn’t care less who you rep in your set show respect

I’ll be rapping I bet

Lean to the left flow right Oh my god!

A rose by any name got thorns as sharp

Yo, stage names are for porno stars

And Watskeet skeet skeet skeet is far

From what I’m trying to do ,Who I’m trying to be

Mother f f f fuck this industry

If I gotta be MC U to do MC Me

(George Watsky MP3)

F-F-F-F-Fuck the limit I got a keep it coming if I wanna make it to the top

So I be giving you what I been doing during the minutes that other rappers have been napping on the clock

Cause if I walk the walk and I talk the talk and I’m popping off cause my flow is hot

Then I’m pretty motherfucking positive I never gotta call myself somebody I’m not


Verse 2

What’s in a name man, flow comes first

I’m never gonna curse – that I got it worst when I roam the earth

It’s a ridiculous coincidence that shows my worth

You know my parents went and chose my emcee name at birth

(3) I don’t need a mask

to cover my ass

So why would you ask?

Go put me on blast

I’ll take you to task

This name is my last

(gasp) so put it on my tombstone when I pass

(Here lies a fine emcee, the kind who grasps the fact

that these aren’t circus acts to make you clap, it’s rap to make you think and act)

I think you understand by now the thought involved

That if I wanted to be called another name I would have scrawled it on the bathroom wall

I’m not apologizing for a policy that makes a college kid go call himself Thugdog and not expect assault

I’m marching on and calling all dissenters who

Would like to be included in this emcee designation coup

I’m set to get a crew

we’re gonna get a clue and then we’ll put it up for you to view

coo coo ca choo

i am the “insert you”

come on everybody do it too



I invoke the spirits of the great nameless emcees who came before me:

tupac shakur

ali shaheed muhammad

sean price

saul williams

dahlak brathwaite

michael franti

gabriel teodros

joell ortiz

mike jones

mike shinoda from Linkin Park

I invoke the spirits of the great nameless professional athletes turned rappers who came before me:

Deion Sanders

roy jones, jr.

shaquille o’neal

I invoke the spirits of the great nameless white emcees who came before me:

fred durst

aaron carter

kevin federline


Chorus (2X)

Chorus double time + Outro

Seizure Boy

Verse 1

The 1st thing that happens is the world goes black

You just hear a little snap when your neck rolls back

You don’t bite your tongue off, or foam at the lips

And before you hit the ground there’s a moment of bliss

it’s like toking a spliff, it’s like shedding your skin

it’s better than the best Trainwreck there’s even been

You have to let it in, as much as it’s upsetting

to wake up with bruises you don’t remember getting

You don’t remember how the hell you ended up indoors

You don’t remember whether you were wetting your gym shorts

in front of Amanda, the girl you’re after

who already thought you were a fucking disaster

It’s not like a last will, it’s making me laugh

unless you get your next one while you’re taking a bath

I’m seizing the mic fast at middle school dances

I’m done being seized and I’m seizing my chances


It’s all too much (sung variations)

If the world breaks your legs then go and beat it with your crutch

Verse 2

Maybe true

I got baby blues

And you got navy blues

Paid your dues

Name the tune

Name a hue

What shade are you?

I see purple people eaters more than world beaters

Fuck I’ve jumped a couple hurtles burned some sneakers through the meters


Please, get the medic

Let it breath

I’ma be the baddest motherfucking epileptic I can be

I would grieve

Asking why’s it me sleeping in the ER with an IV in my arm and my V card hurting saying God fuck if I’m a die a virgin

I’ma grab the first nurse working, flirt and draw the curtain

So who’s perkin Doctor Phil’s Pills

Tyler Durden Still ill

Thrillville Uma Therman hurting in the Kill Bills

This is to my sick kids

Time to flip this shit

Depakote, Aderol, Ritalin pixie stix

I don’t give a fuck what you’re on in the setting sun

Use it as a weapon when it’s Said and done


Verse 3

Hey say that I’m crazy or call it a pitfall

I’ll win a game of bloody knuckles hitting a brick wall

It’s pinball hitting the limit to smash that glass

Take a minute to sit in the whip and then I’mana Mash on gas

Cause I be crashing that impasse with fat ass syntax

Skinny motherfucker off a bucket of slim fast

You ever had a gran mal seizure in gym class?

Had whiplash back when life was dishing out pimp slaps?

Fed up and we’ve all been better but I’m set to step up

Never let up cause the fall is just the setup now to get up

regret’ll never get the better of me with a sawed-off

When I’m having trouble talking someone knocks my writer’s block off

if my eyes glaze and my knees drift south

And you think to stick a credit card in my mouth

I take Mastercard and Visa for my risk rewards

i’m not biting my tongue, why don’t you bite yours?

Chorus (2X)


Get in bed like I’m at war

Make your vagina more than kinda sore

i’m hung like a dinosaur

shit, your hymen tore

you’re busted, you never grew up like a Toys R Us Kid

I’m well adjusted like jock strap crotches

bang my old teachers while the preschool watches

met a slow girl, i was fucking her fast

had some tight old pussy

and got stuck in the past

I molest old age, grab the best old babe in a breast hold babe

is you chest cold, babe?

are those boobs or goosebumps?

hey, sugar tits, can a pimp have two lumps?

measure my hard prick, whatever the night

i use my dick as a yardstick to measure my height

i’m healing myself

got a hole in my pocket and i’m feeling myself

i’m like wu tang

your art’s cookie cutter like a Warhol soup can

the rapper who can destroy mere humans

fuck your facelift

fuck your played whip

i built a space ship to ride in while you’re cruising earth

i’m owning all the aliens who emcee in the universe

the ten best rappers is a list of me

I exist to be the greatest rapper in history

built a time machine from Flava’s clock and a saddle

taught Plato to rap and then kicked his ass in a battle

I’m best rapper alive

who gets mistaken for michael cera

everywhere that he drives

fuck michael cera, you weren’t so superbad

when i was riding you around rodeo yelling who’s your dad?

Waking Hour

Chorus (Mariami)

In the waking hour I see your face

In the waking hour I feel your (oh)

In the waking hour feel my body race

In the waking hour

Baby I see that the game is unspoken so if you play with me

I don’t need nothing broken

I’ve got patience you see

And I don’t mean to preach that’s it’s a man’s world baby

But a woman will teach you to believe

Verse 1

you’re in the bed in that pretty little thong

with a ribbon on it, when I said to pick a song

you had a feeling for some healing with that marvin gaye

begins with “let’s,” ends with “get it on”

I get it. you’re ready to fuck

and it’s time for me to let it erupt

But. I got a confession to make

when I get nervous

i can never get it up

I gotta get it together, I better meditate

I want to set it straight

I gotta separate the passion I had

from the fear that came

alone i get a boner when I hear your name

but when I’m near the game, I veer to shame

clearly, my dear it appears the same

severely lame!

my genitals’ flustered

make a last stand like general custer!

I’d take a cluster fuck or a just some animal lust

I know you’re looking for a man who can thrust

(trust) i was in the sack with a faster women than danica patrick

when i had a panic attack

I can never fake it, I make another mistake

and I’m aching and so I pray to the have the pastor take

an erection collection and pass the plate

but no one donated, so I had to masturbate

I know the girls want it

i’m close, and if it grows i can put a condom on it

her moan is onomatopoetic,

I groan. because my bone is gone as soon as get it

Got a risky trick, for frisky chicks

have a drink, then blame it on whiskey dick

wait a couple hours, I’ll be horny good

and can wake up with a little bit of morningwood

Chorus (Mariami)

Verse 2

i know that many men are waiting

to be penetrating

you think i’m panting

but i’m hyperventilating

i would get to mating but i’m so damn nervous

i called my dick, but i can’t get service

the worst is i’m a pervert– I want you

I’d make harness from your tan brassiere

last night i had a fantasy

we’re banging hanging from the ceiling like a chandelier

slip into your chimney singing “santa’s here!”

but it’s a grand veneer

damn, it’s enough to bring a man to tears

with a hand on my gear

but a strand full of blanks in my bandoleer

there are times when I wish it away

there are nights when I wish i was gay

it’d be quicker– i go to theater school

shit i figure I could stick it to pick of the litter

man i’m sick of it

want to stick a dick in it, lick a tit

get some cliterature, for the illiterate!

hit it in the middle of the night

in the waking hour

when I take a shower, we can strip

luckily i studied up on being cuddle buddy

would rather have sucker who fronts?

fucking you once, making ugly grunts?

i’ll be casanova (in a couple of months)

i’m making you mine

maybe later for the sake of taking our time

tonight we can lie naked

If you don’t mind waiting

give it like five dates and i’ll have your thighs shaking

i get her in bed and then we’re attending a seminar on a bit of sex ed

i hope this song proves

how fast my tongue moves

cause it’s true I give the best head

Bridge (Mariami)

Chorus (Mariami)

The Girl Next Door


It’s a song about girl the next door

love the girl next door

the world’s next door

They see her- everybody melts

She’s the girl next door to everybody everybody else

It’s a song is a song about the girl who sings

And every time you hear her sing

she sings for you

And you alone

And every other guy you know

She loves you back

She says she’s with it

loves you back

but wait a minute

all along she loved ya back

enough to put a dagger in it

(cause) This is a song about girl the next door

I love the girl next door

the world’s next door

They see her- everyobody melts

She’s the girl next door to everybody everybody else

Verse 1

it’s like a fairy tale!

about little chickenhead

thought the sky was falling

so she kicked it sick in bed

I came calling (she pretended she was dead)

feeling she was healing but the ceiling fell instead!

you feel stellar in your skeleton?

tell a guy you fell for him then tell him he’s irrelevant?

It’s evident you think you’re helen of troy

but you’re hell in a handbasket

hell of a coy little cruella de vil

If it’s fitting you fill in

another filthy felony with every fella you thrill

you’re cellophane

but there’s a spell on us still

a man goes window shopping

and you sell him the sill

you give an illness that isn’t a silly pill or some silvery penicillin

or pity gonna fulfill and so willing my pen is spilling i’m drilling my point until

the pen point’s dull

the end point’s still

*in sight, i’m inside, i’m insisting

get wise and quit with lip synching

in christ you entice the quick kissing

rise in a bathtub full of ice with a rib missing

It’s been decided

you can lie, but you can’t hide it behind your eyelids

I provided rhymes and had to plan a hybrid

with the man that led this band who might have liked you more than I did

or maybe as much

cause baby that’s what

make me want to laugh

just, breaks me right in half cause

it really adds up

dwelling on this sad stuff

cellibacy mad sucks

when everybody tapped once

including a best friend

then one of my roommates

you said it was just then

but shit it was too late

So what’s your group rate

cause we’ve waiting our turn

to watch you eat your words

and catch some heartburn

verse 2

[here!] is where you would have sung the verse

[here!] is where you’d have to catch you breath

[here!] is where you might forget the words

[haha] that where you’d laugh to fill the rest

[here!] is where you’d hit another high note

[here!] is where you’d make it pretty, shit if I don’t

[here!] is where we’d really try to be friends

funny how the shallow girls end up off the deep end

[first] i met your ass last year

first day of class, you were mad sincere

[then] you went and chose my friend for benefits

[then] he did the same and said it was the end of it

[then] funny thing, I got up on the TV

[then] coincidentally you said you’d like to see me

[then] you stood me up on just our second date

out with mister music

[then] you used him for a your serenade


Run My Mouth

verse 1

I tend to vent a lot. it’s hard to end a thought

I get pent up and I guess I don’t know when to stop

if i get a mental block, you can hear a pencil drop

but if not i’m all talk like a rent a cop

I don’t wanna mock

ever yet I let it slip

said i gotta get a grip

cause i know you’re delicate

and i’m pretty adament

i can learn some ettiquette

bet on it that i can talk a book and never edit it

seldom elegant, guilty of embellishing

yelling but i’m holding shit together like i’m gelatin

everyone’s selfish and jealous, I’m hella slim

but I gotta bigger mouth than a pelican

check a fella sing, messing up the melody

I know my alphabet, A to Elemopee

i like you, it’s shouldn’t be shocking

my heart’s beating just as loud as i’m talking


Danny: I know you know

I know you know

sometimes I say things

I don’t quite mean

George: don’t be alarmed

I mean no harm

Danny: Ca-a-a-a-an’t I run my mouth?

verse 2

i’m a fast talker

louder than a brass knocker,

cricket or a grasshopper

not another. word

i don’t want to ass kiss

sniffing like a mastiff

that’ll be my last ditch

effort to be. heard

take me as a hostage

i’m feeling lost

with my neck out like an ostrich

totally absurd

I squawk like a bird

cause my clumsy heart feels like it’s doing cartwheels

put me in a dunce cap

treat me like a hunchback

say my mind is one track

every single. day

call my mug a megaphone

I don’t beg and moan

if i get in bed alone

i don’t want to say

you’re forgiven briefly

if i call you sweet pea

then you say to eat me

and i don’t know which way

i’ve had a taste and i know you’re gourmet

An argument’s just the makeup foreplay




Danny: Listen

calm down

hear me

watch your mouth


that stung

give me lip

Bite my tongue

I’d say

stop it (that)

but we both

talk shit (trash)

How about we work it out?


Chorus after Bridge

Danny: You know, I know

You know I know

Sometimes You say things

You don’t quite mean

George: I’m not alarmed

If you mean no harm

Danny: Go ahead and ru-u-un your mouth


verse 3

take the silent type, gimme the opposite

you look so damn sexy when you’re talking shit

every time i want to say to put a sock in it

i melt again and buy your ass a box of chocolate

i guess that’s why they call me georgie porgie puddin pie

before i kiss my girl i put her on a sugar high

and then we cry after a little old ‘how are you?’

turns into an argument I bet’ll scar you

is it hard to always have to complain

taking something mundane and give yourself a tongue sprain?

you talk about your day and go off for a year

and i could walk away or hold the phone off of my ear

I don’t love what i hear, but i’ve got to stay

cause man, smart girls have a lot to say

i want to shout with someone that i’m down with

there’s no one I’d rather run my mouth with

chorus (fade out)

Who’s Been Loving You?

chorus 1

I know my momma loves me

I know my poppa loves me

I know the camera loves me

I can tell my brother loves me

I know that Boston loves

And San Francisco loves me

I love the city back,

I just can’t help it, it’s so lovely

verse 1

I’m in my lucky underwear, i’m feeling debonair

If it’s a lonely trip to heaven, I’m already there

I’m in the bedroom i’m like stepping like I’m Fred Astaire

I make it happen, battlerapping at my Teddy Bear

When I was twelve I’d leave my door open a crack

afraid if getting busted sneaking porno on my mac

I guess I was a freak

Until I got caught last week

(who’s been loving you?)

I was reading Booker T, I threw the book at me

I go for the lookers but they never look at me

I would get a hooker if I could unhook her bra

I’d be looking soft as soon as she took her top. off

let’s go rolling in a broken winnebago

stop and smoke a bowl out of a hollowed out potato

It’s hash now, but it’s hash browns soon

(who’s been loving you?)

chorus 2

I know that Jesus loves me

I know that buddha loves

The fucking easter Bunny

and the ghost of gandhi love me

I know that santa loves me

I think my Aunties love me

I know my Grandma loved me

she thought I was handsome trust me

verse 2

this insanity, that’s heredity

it’s my family, we can let it be

wish I pretended that mom and dad are dead to me

But i love my dad, that motherfucker read to me

my first words were “where’s the love?”

mad smug, assed up on a bearskin rug

fashodo, mom’ll show you the photo

(who’s been loving you?)

I do embarassing better

I could wear a pink sweater

with a pair of slick pleather pants

derelicte e-va-ry day and it’s well known

that I hop off stage with my cell phone

fake a dropped call when everybody’s near me

and shout “I love you mom!” so everybody hears me

I need to and true nothing new but

(who’s been loving you?)

Chorus 3

Even though I owe them money

I think it’s pretty likely

that my whole family loves me

My lovers tend to like me

I know my homies love me

My teachers loved to hate me

The haters love to fuck with me

the fickle love me lately

verse 3

I’m a percussionist. I never knew guitar

it’s cheesy, but I’m stunting like a superstar

it’s easy man I’m hopping out a moving car

call me weezy cause I’m coughing at the hookah bar

I don’t do cigars, but I got hella game

I can make a lady out of styling gel and cellophane

so you can yell my name, I make the bed frame move

(who’s been loving you?)

me and my better friends are heading to the town strip

if they don’t let us in we’ll never take roundtrip

because I took an hour picking out my outfit

and then I took another slicking down a cowlick

and I like house sitting, but fuck it now’s different

I’m going out and there ain’t a bouncer for cowtipping

So I’ma tear this joint up

And i’ma party till the hoofs point up

(who’s been loving you?)

Chorus 4

this is for Charles Barkley

This is for Poison Ivy

This it’s for Draco Malfoy

And it’s for Bill O’Reilly

This is for Ned Mencia

It’s for the corporate lawyers

it’s for the backseat drivers

And for my friend Ann Coulter

I Got This Love

Chorus (Passion) (2X)

I got this love (3X)

Because because because because

verse 1

because of Jonestown

because of Auschwitz

because the leaves fall, and we can’t stop it

but that makes fall leaves,

I’ma start a mosh pit

(ch!) this is your captain

hopping out the the cockpit

I forgot my parachute

but I got my bay sounds

so I’ll be going dummy

rocking on the way down

i’ll be saying “hey ground!”

howzabout we make out?

I’ll put on some Ray Brown

you can grab some take out

love isn’t more sin, love isn’t forced in

getting under your skin, digging for endorphins

it’s the portion some of us’ll forgo

fingers on your torso tapping you in morse code

the opera aria we’re singing like a bar song

the stranger’s pretty face that hits you like a car bomb

the wrinkled note we passed in class in second grade

and all it says up on the page (is)


verse 2

Because my Grandma lived to 99, eleven months

between a hundred years of solitude and heaven once

because she loved her son but couldn’t ever say it right

because the language of the planet isn’t day and night

it’s in the in between

it’s when we intervene

and never let a silly hater rabbit pimp the scene

for the deaf kid in the aisle of the symphony

who hears it through the rumble of the tuba and the timpani

For those lay waste to beauty with a straight face

everywhere on earth we’re all escaping from the same place

and yes occasionally we get drunk and out of line

and last night, there’s a lamp post that I asked to be my valentine

take a shady place, shine until it radiates

seventeen to eighty eight, make a break and head west

or make a promise to your lady in a red dress

Last night in my hot mess

That lamp post said yes


verse 3

Detroit is equal till there’s half its people laid off

While corporate lawyers and former employers play golf

Because of furor over every juror paid off

and because the füror used to be a boy named Adolf

because of Anakin

instead of panicking

for every man who can be more then just a manikin

cuz of tianmen

because there was a cameraman

And cause of the cameraman

chasing princess Dianna and

because of Tammany hall

because of gramercy park

because of Amityville

and cause of amnesty

cause famine and because not a fantasy

cause of every tenement tenant tending to family

tentative to say

cause of colmes, cause of hannity

homes for humanity

the bones of my ancestry, grown and gone

on grave stones and drawn

on paved roads and palms, raised up in alms

Chorus (2X)

Fight! Fight! Fight!

Chorus (Talkbox)

If you don’t like me

And it’s looking likely

I don’t like you

you’ll have to fight me

If you don’t ease up

then roll your sleeves up

And we can meet outside right now

Verse 1

Spun a web of lies, took notes from charlotte

throw a red herring, paint the white house scarlet

Pennsylvania ave was the last red carpet

then Bush relapsed like a rehabbed starlet

(I feel carsick) Stop the Paris Hilton carousel

hot as hell it smells like kerosene and caramel

america’s flaring and we’re carrying a parasols

paranoid of terror cells parents scared of aerosols

Said if you care at all

fight for the ones who fall

Fight for the ones who can’t

Fight for the one for the all

And fight for the ones who rep (yes)

For the one percent

at the bottom

And against the one two one two step

for ones who come correct

I don’t want to sit back

with a big mac and a rack of natty ice

six pack in my lap

skinemax on blast

sticking to the facts of life

(Right) said If you’re taller better follow who you’re stepping on

Cause I’ll be brawling like the fighting irish leprechaun

Verse 2 (Dahlak)

verse 3

I don’t need a chart to see

That I look hard to me

No Chardonay pumping through my arteries

My heart’ll say

I should take the harder way

if I got a part to play, I won’t make it Bartleby

At least this Starter T is feeling like an armor piece

The cloth is guarding me

like it’s righteous artistry

So far to lead us to indagadenevita

to seeking god in your freedom

to god i gotta lead a vida bonita

cause see to lead a beautiful life

is more than eating, sleeping and meeting suitable wife

you gotta fight!

while luda’s throwing bows in A-town

I’ll be throwing blows like little children on the playground

Hey now, you should know the bay

seeming sorta tame

we can go insane

If you’re on lower plane like when a boeing lands

My fist detaches at the wrist

so I’ll be throwing hands

Color Lines


These color lines will make you break you make you choose a side

These color lines these color lines been here since jump

I write these color lines cause if I don’t I’ll lose my mind

I write these color lines these color lines

Verse 1 (George)

your first rap show posted in the back row

of a sea of white kids bent on supermanning that hoe

pretty soon you’re buying fitted hats and high tops

pretending that you’re black enough and rapping with the lights off

it’s like a cyclops with one closed eye

you can tell me that you’re winking, but the grin won’t lie

and no mouth supplies, what your skin tone hides

about a thousand miles south as the jim crow flies

And then we’re playing he said she said

I see red when i peep a pink cheeked boston meathead

I wanna go Bruce Lee

When I see him on the T taking up two seats

and say, “excuse me, but would you move if hell froze?”

you know the subway is the underground railroad

lynch trees have the same white limbs

check out my arms, I look just like him

Verse 2 (Catch)

Let’s you and I get one thing straight

The game never been equal, ain’t no food on my plate

I gave birth to this and you just took it and co opted it and profited

and packaged it and wouldn’t give me half of it

Peep how I master this and break down how you took it all

Raped the culture and you standing there looking all

innocent, take a mile when I give and inch

And how you getting rich, is it a coincidence?

or is it ignorance? You don’t know your own privilege

You own riches and don’t know what homeless is

You got a lot to learn before you even think about

Hip hop, black culture and which fitted you pickin out

nigger in the street, I don’t think so bro

My people ain’t supportin your black history show

So stop what you doing we won’t take it anymore

Before you come in my house wipe ya feet at the door


Verse 3


I see the color lines

It’s tough that Every other time a bother rhymes

white mothers think of gutter crimes

We keep our standard higher

We don’t kick lower rhymes

other times it undermines the fact the mine are over minds


All you gotta do is get past the guilt

We ain’t living in a house that master built

If you understand that, tell your people what you know

Because one of em got enough money to pay back what you owe


Yes, My great grands had land, had slaves

I guess I pressed this record off the bank he made

But I want independance, past the declaration

but one down ass white boy can’t pay for reparations


I’m running out of patience while you do the work of Satan

Like an impulse. Edu Leedz Black history’s an insult


Number one. I’m not. trying. to tell. your. story

I just want to sit on my porch, drink a forty and spit

Number two, cause You can smell bullshit

I just love hip hop

pinky swear that’s it


If you love hip hop respect it

That includes the people who created it and paved the way for this

So that you’re making it


Well if you’re talking on who’s making it, I’ll play devil’s advocate

A lot of black music has white dollars backing it

(Kweli’s got it on lock)

Rupert Murdoch funded Rawkus

You looking for the keys, then you better check the pockets


I’ll be checking pockets all right

As soon as it gets dark and all night

I’ma get my money we can all fight


You taking out the high and the mighty

and their kids

You say kill whitey

I say call i live?

You’re not black militant

killing us diligent

Grab my fam, and grandma and light us up like a filament

I thought we were cool now I’m this close to giving in

just put a bullet in for each missed dose of Ritalin




I know I’m just as strong as Hercules

Because it’s wired in my circuitry

And if I’m just as strong as Hercules

You’ll see I’m just as strong as Hercules

Verse 1

In 1638 they came from Sweden,

Ship shape settlers late looking for Eden,

the Delaware tribe wasn’t really keen on leaving

so they “bought em out” or slaughtered them quick and got to breeding

1659 they built a fortress

stationed soldiers, and gave them horses

but now their forces were losing their resources

moving in the living quick as moving out the corpses

started changing courses, when we got the Quakers

and they been running town since Cromwell met his maker

they didn’t take pay cut, Quakers got their cake up

the paper came triangulating, trading with Jamaica

Now in the 1700s they took care of biz

built the families through some noble marriages

Still in WIlmington, doing what their parents did

living up on 7th street in Mansions they inherited

1800 and in step the du Ponts

Irenee du Pont was fleeing the war in France

he made the jaunt cause apparently murder rate

was higher for gentle people spitting on the third estate

He started working late, he had grand design

And when we cut a couple fingers off the hands of time

The Du Ponts were running under Delaware like panty lines

they built a mill for small explosives on the Brandywine

But gun powder’s just as temperamental

as the rich kids with CEO potential

It’s essential to compete for our emergencies

Which brings me to a company called Hercules


I hope I’m just as strong as Hercules

I hope I’m just as strong as Hercules

But when it comes to stacking currencies

I’d like to be as strong as Hercules

Verse 2

Hercules Gunpowder started kind of small

Du Pont had it all, were sparkling wall to wall

They were ballin in the fall of 1899

when T.C. Dupont crawled up the Brandywine

Now Thomas Coleman, started as a coal man

In the mines in Kentucky with his old man

joined whole fam, and flipping the strip tease

Went from fig leaves all the way to big cheese

Never got on his knees for the love it won him

from couple of brothers, Lewis and Russell Dunham

They were running shit with Coleman’s muscle

Lewis wasn’t clueless

But Russell’s on his hustle

Now brother Lou, was Coleman’s true blue man

T.C. would Idea and Lou drew plans

Dupont had seventy percent of GDP

When it came to gun powder and TNT

they bought even bought Hercules


said the government, so brought on anti-trust

litigation, and they split business up in three

Into Atlas and Dupont, and Hercules

But certainly they were busting heads

put in work at Hercules, then made Russell prez

in 1912 up the road from Dover

my great great grandfather Russ took over


I know I’m just just as strong as Hercules

I know I’m just just as strong as Hercules

Because It’s written in my history

I know I’m just as strong as Hercules

Verse 3

Russell Dunham, we said Daddy D

Or sugar Daddy D to half the family

Ran Hercules as an affable property

slap on the wrist from capitalist democracy

And so between TC and Papa D

A bit improperly they adopt a monopoly

And instead of dotting the i’s and often crossing the T’s

they take a walk in the trees, and talk and pocket the cheese

And when Russell dropped to his knees, his heirs cashed out

every generation after the shares passed down

(So where’s that now?) Split between six ladies

and my mother had the stocks till the 1980′s

(If Stonewall pays my phone calls

If San Juan fills my scantron

If every molten shower out in Okinawa fueled by smoking powder

pays my broken power send my folks the flowers)

if it’s irrelevant to my intelligence

gimme a shotgun, I’m dropping these pink elephants

I’ll take a tranquilizer shot and sell the sedatives

out in delaware well aware the fella lives

(And what if Iwo Jima)

all the skeletons in my closet are dead relatives

(And if the Fall of Saigon)

And then I grow up to be another screw up

(And if the Tet Offensive)

But if I blow up

it’ll be cause they blew up


My mother loves me more than Hercules

My parents work harder than Hercules

But if I think of this as burglary

I know I’m stronger cause of Hercules

Two Blue Moons


The moon is out tonight (it’s bright)

is everything alright? (not quite)

I wouldn’t act like I know (no) know (no) know (no) know (no) know

Just what you’re going through (no shit)

But if you’re feeling blue (don’t quit)

I want to tell you my brother I feel same way too

verse 1

a couple red sons popping out a new womb

twins come twice once in a blue moon

feeling a like a joke in the nude rude humor

we were born premature, and they said “too soon”

sing a new tune, act less fickle

most twins cling like a pair of testicles

we haven’t been tight since we breast fed little

said, me on the right, and you on the left nipple

said it’s that simple. have to discover if you act a bit smothered

when you’re trapped with big brother

9 long months kicking it inside our mother

never kicked her belly, hell we only kicked each other

if we suffer i’ll be sentimental when we grow

get born, ready go, got a separate embryo

breaking like a levy though, wading through the heavy flow

when you see light let me know, bro


verse 2

there were weeks you can bet i couldn’t eat

lookin at the cooking with a set of wooden teeth

opened up my big mouth, found that I could speak

so put another foot in it but now I couldn’t leave

it’s good to see all the losers taking days

to think of dumping shit on you in new creative ways

you can say that it’s a phase

or some rude complaining crap

it’s a stupid way to act, man

but two can play at that

I been a brat, had more than one slip

my lips got unzipped, I quipped some dumb shit

our folks were so sick, it made them cringe

i followed my jaw’s lead, and came unhinged

i’m sorry, can the shit end here?

we haven’t really talked in about ten years

and that’s ten too many cause if you were anyone else

i wouldn’t see you in myself


verse 3

Aching in the chest, try to take it from the stress

shrink made me quit, I was making him depressed

usually i’m upbeat, tearing through the halls

but instead of bouncing off em I was staring at the walls

care to make the call which separates faster

a fence of placenta, an inch made of plaster

a handful of strands of our DNA

either we both were alone or it seemed that way

kept to myself, i’d reflect by myself

dude, i left and i fucking saw shrek by myself

it’s no help to assume we’re less than

to mom it’s yes ma’am, I groom you’ll best man

it’s on the next fam to plan and proceed

but if we smoke weed, don’t think we OD’d

no I don’t know, all the shit you’ve been through

but i’ve seen a window, and i know i’ve been too


Everything Turns Gold

Chorus- Mieka Pauley

When the sun sets on the city

it’s something to behold

Cause when the sun sets on the city

everything turns gold

for now you’re young and pretty

and you’ll be lovely when you’re old

Cause when the sun sets on the city

everything turns gold

Verse 1- Watsky

The frog in my throat was the size of a mutt

The fat toad ate the butterflies in my gut

the dog in me knows that it’s a bitch in dark black

so i spit the frog out and i took my bark back

Till that i’d been afraid of night

my cradle never stayed in sight

it might have all abated if i played it right

i hated trynna find and face a place i didn’t dare go

diving with the worms and liking looking like a scarecrow

do a mellow jig instead of tripping off a dollar

i’ll just skip the yellow brick with wicker sticking out my collar

it’s all or nothing i’ll be cultured when i’m older

fuck a parrot, i don’t care i’ll feed the vulture on my shoulder

(polly want a collarbone?)

try the lake for fish

or just say yes to yesterday break it and make a wish

i ate dirt as a baby, i did it for the flavor

in a couple years i’ll let the dirt return the favor


Verse 2- Gift of Gab


I used to consider the riches and the props

And the houses and the fame and the fortune, everything

Seems when you get here, there seems more desirable

All that old fear (?) doesn’t leave, it’s inside of you

Everything material, it passes like the night’ll do

Into day

Came and went away

Nothing penetrates the void that illustrates the noise

Mental states annoyed with a attitude of zero gratitude that may destroy

Beneath the lies is truth though

You seek and find the proof

Only place to be is here

Dig in, peep it how the roots grow

From out of nowhere into nothingness and back

Constantly expresses everything and everyone

And acting as a thread

Arm Leg Leg Arm Head

Karma that you spread

May be relived again after you live again after you’re dead

Until you merge into the blissful field of mighty power

But time is an illusion, all of it’s within you now

Bridge- Watsky

The sun is going down

drink another round

play until you fold

paint the city gold

remember what you’ve heard

don’t say another word

until you shake your bottle up and spray a little on the curb

remember what you own

take the sunset home

if no one’s out right now,

i hope you know you’re not alone

try to find some nights

to watch the shining lights

park see the city sparkle out on diamond heights

all those attractive glass spires

that we love to stack higher

I’m starting grass fires

when my car backfires after four flat tires

rolling off road to avoid the bad drivers

coming back home and I climb the walls into the sky on tall risers

to make it all brighter

blaze your lighters up

raise your cider cup

and let’s pull an all-nighter

Chorus (x2)

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